How It Works

First things first… when you first pull into the parking lot drop your trailer facing the ramp. You will then get checked in by an employee of the boatlaunch who will either take down the name of the boat or give you a number depending on whether or not the name of the boat is written on your trailer (we will write it on if asked).

Price of launch is $75 cash, and $80 with check or credit card (prepaid launches available in form of punchcard)

Don’t forget to tip your waterboy!

Once you are done fishing you will call us while still five minutes away from the launch either on the radio (channel 14) or on the phone (907-399-2686) telling us who you are and what direction you are coming from.

We will then back your trailer in the water to pick you up. You must wait for the trailer to stop backing in the water before loading so we can make sure you are deep enough! When loading keep under power until halfway on the trailer to maintain steerage and ensure you don’t miss the trailer (the tide is very powerful).

If you intend to stay out overnight you must let us know before you launch!

It your responsibility to know our hours of operation (will be updated daily on our message). Peak season hours are 5am – 8pm, early and late season hours are subject to change due to daylight and customer demand. If your arrive after hours you will be charged for another launch… NO EXCEPTIONS!